Mice & Rats

Mice are common in all parts of Canada. They¬†come in various colors and measure overall from 65 to 90mm (41/2″ to 6″), with large ears and long tails. Mice can fit through a hole the size of their nose.

Mice are year-round pests. Indoor activity will increase as the weather gets cooler. Mice  become active primarily during the evenings and remain so until the middle of the night. If food is scarce or the infestations is large, they will be active during daylight hours.

Mice nest in any safe location close to food, preferring the spaces in double walls, between ceilings and floors and closed in areas around counters. Noises made by their running, gnawing and scratching will provided clues to their actual locations.

There are several ways that mice make their presence known. Mouse droppings near available food is the most common indication. gnawed holes in bags and boxes containing food or garbage is also a sign of mouse activity.

The average lifespan of a mouse is 18 months. the young are born about 19 days after breeding and mature rapidly. A single female may have as many as eight litters per year, averaging five to six young each. By threes months the young are independent and capable of reproduction.

Since the contributing factor to a mouse infestation is the presence of food, good housekeeping is essential. This includes the proper storage of foods in sealed jars or tins. In addition all garbage should be stored in containers with a tight fitting lid. seal all opening to the outside, especially around doors and windows.