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Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM)

  • Prevention
  • Good Sanitation
  • Inspection
  • Initial Insecticide Application
  • Maintenance
Pest Management(IPM)

Pest Management involves the use of a variety of monitoring and control methods to reduce pest populations to acceptable levels. The key to controlling any pest infestation is a conscious effort by both the client and the exterminator.

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Consists of inspecting all exterior areas to make sure that the building is in good physical condition to reduce entry. Treatment to common areas as well as garbage areas are done on a monthly basis at the location. Good Sanitation: Such practices reduce the amount of available harborage, food and water. All food sources should be contained in proper storage areas, any spillage dealt with immediately. Limited storage of excess papers, clothing etc.


Inspection of the premise will determine if there are any signs of an infestation found and, where treatment is required.

Initial Insecticide Application

Rodent Control – bait will be placed in the appropriate areas, if after a period of 4 weeks the problem has not been resolved, an additional service will be necessary using a different brand of bait. This is the responsibility of the client to inform the Management if the problem persists. As it is unknown how bad an infestation may be regular maintenance may be necessary for a period of time.

Insect Control


Treatment would be to the interior with gel in the areas of cracks and crevices in the kitchen, lunch rooms, washrooms, locker rooms depending on infestation other areas may require treatment.

Small Ants

Treatment would be to the interior at baseboard level using liquid chemical. Exterior treatment to breathing holes and foundation stress cracks if problem persists.


A regular monthly service of monitoring or treatment control for new activity may have to be put in place.